You Should Have This Knowledge About Rose Cut Gemstones

There are varieties of cuts when it comes to gemstones. Physical and optical properties influence how the gemstone should be shaped. A good example is Rose Cut Gemstones, which derived its name from its shape and facet arrangement which resembles an opening rose bud. It is said to have originated in India but another contention is that it was actually developed in Holland and the earlier Indian versions were only a crude form of this cut. However, rose cut got popular in the latter part of the16th century and was replaced by brilliant cut during the19th century. Since gem cutters strive to preserve as much of the rough stone as possible, you often see its unique shape and facet arrangement as a flat bottom and an elevated pointed dome with triangular facets forming a point, generally in the shape of a hemisphere or pyramid. The number of triangular facets in a rose cut diamond may vary between 12 and 24. Generally it has a lower tier of triangular facets which in combination with the upper tier, gives the look of a rose bud. Hardness and cleavage must be considered when cutting a gemstone. Sometimes the gemstones must sacrifice weight due to inclusions. A well shaped gemstone will reflect the maximum amount of light and sparkle.

The art of polishing a gemstone is to maximize its brilliance and fire dispersion. A gemstone that is polished too deep or too shallow will be less brilliant and less valuable. The shape is the only factor of a polished gemstone that is controlled by human hands. Rose cuts are made in such a way that they maximize a stone's carat weight; but this gives them more risk of being flawed in their facets. While this trait can be used to cover up a flaw, it can also distort the color of the stone. Jewelers have used thin gold, silver, or foil backings to enhance the appearance of "fire and brilliance" in rose cut stones.

However, keep in mind that the rose cut can be very hard to find, since it has been out of style for so long and is so one-of-a-kind. You may have to find one in heirloom collections or estate collections that are for sale, or go through an antiques dealer. But this all means that a rose cut gemtones can be more expensive than taking a standard size ring with gems featuring more trendy contemporary cuts like the round-brilliant, marquis, or princess. If you have an upper price range limit, the rose cut gem can be a bargain, but if you are lower budget it can be too expensive because of its rarity. Gemstones with their unique cut of Rose are an antique cut fashionable original piece of jewellery that is due to the way in which its cuts allow light to pass through in such a manner that its shine is brilliant. Lastly purchasing a rose cut variety is the best bet.

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